Caspian Air Cargo Summit:Hong Kong cargo management leading by example

At the Caspian Air Cargo Summit, Wilson Kwong, chief executive of HACTL (Hong Kong Air Cargo Terminals) shed light on how the world’s busiest cargo hub is striving to lead by example.

Kwong explained that HACTL is investing to improve its facilities and operations in order to prepare for anticipated growth in cargo volumes in the future.

“We have to continue investing, despite the fact that we are in hard time at the moment,” he commented. “To not invest is not an option.”

He also drew attention to the growing pharma sector – a positive contrast to declining figures elsewhere in the industry – and revealed that HACTL recently became the first organisation in Hong Kong to receive IATA CEIV pharma and GDP certifications.

In addition, he said, HACTL was recently accredited with an IATA CIEV FRESH certification for the fast and efficient transportation of fresh foods.

Although Kwong believes that green initiatives may not generate huge revenues, he stated: “At HACTL, we take our sustainability goals and responsibilities very seriously.”

HACTL currently uses electric vehicles, forklifts and automated processes when handling cargo, as well as inputting research into innovative techniques that could be adopted in the future.

The organisation has also installed a ‘rooftop farm’ of solar panels on the roof of its SuperTerminal 1.
“This year, we were very honoured to have been awarded the Best Green Air Cargo Termianal Operator by Aisa Cargo News,” he added.

In 2018, HACTL launched a green awareness campaign called ‘Don’t wait, act now’ to encourage other air cargo terminals to adopt sustainable practices.

The Caspian Air Cargo Summit took place in Baku, Azerbaijan, on October 8 and 9.